Monday, January 3, 2011

Challenge Day 8: Me

This will be short, short blog today. Right now it’s twelve minutes after five in the morning. My favorite time to write but I have to be to work by eight. Have to open the salon. How dare the corporate hounds intrude on my time of writing and putzing? They usually do, and I should be used to it by now.

Okay. Enough of that. On with the point of my blog today which is about me rather what I look like.

Twenty years ago people said I resembled the person below:


The above picture is Olivia Newton-John not Shelly Arkon.

About two years ago old men would follow me around the grocery store, bump their carts into me or get my attention by dropping cans to tell me that I looked like the person below.


Sarah Palin. Wow! That’s a big jump from Olivia.

Today, I’m still told I look like Mrs. Palin. Well, I do have five children and a husband to feed. Okay. I exaggerated that line. Currently, I have one daughter at home. My husband owns his business, and I have Sir-Poops-A-Lot and Honey Bear to feed.But, I’m not prone to political lies although I’m known to make a fool out of myself. So that would make me an honest fool. Honesty is the best policy. Something no politician holds true to.

Okay. Enough of that.

My husband says I look more like the picture below and best describes who I am.


Yup. A cross between Mrs. Palin and Wonder Woman. I work forty hour weeks, cook, clean, run errands, blog, workout, and write. And yes, I discuss politics. Think it’s all a bunch of BS, and believe the aliens sent Mrs. Palin to distract old men,  and even the young ones. If you think about it, she did come out of nowhere. It’s a shame that I’m being used as one of her decoys. Sneaky damn aliens.

Anyway, this ends my blog for today.

Happy writing!!!



  1. Oh, my goddess! I'm glad I stopped by today, you made me chuckle and although I don't look at all like Olivia, I feared that with my glasses and such I looked like Palin (Yuuuuuukkkkk), and do believe she stole my do, damn her! Plus you and I have that in common--old men following me around. My husband gets a kick out of seeing them stare at me. Unfortuneately, I'm getting older and fear one of them might ask for a date!

    This was fun. I think I can now go back to my regularly scheduled program of writing. I've got one more week and agree, how dare anyone interrupt this!

  2. We can never go wrong making fun of Sarah Palin.

    Funny blog!

  3. If politics is B.S.- why would anyone want to discuss it? Sorry, that's my opinion and from what I can tell from your facebook pic, you're quite a beauty.People used to say I looked like Linda Evans the original Wonder Woman! Ha, ha-I'm ready to cut my hair, it's driving me bonkers. Wish you were here!

  4. I'm with William...I love the last picture...Wonder Woman and Sarah Palin...Wow!! What a combo...!
    Great blog...!

  5. A hybrid Wonder Woman and Sarah Palin? That's downright scary!

  6. Eve:

    There are all kinds of areas regarding discussions. Like the shadow government...

    Are you going to do the stack and swing bob?

  7. Eve:

    Thank you for the compliment.

  8. William:

    Funny is good. You're funny, too. But, Robblogger is even more funny than the two of us put together.

  9. Norma:

    Yup. Got scissors, a razor and clipper, too.


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