Monday, January 17, 2011

Today’s Schedule

Oh.My.God. Today is my day off. Yup. Monday is my Saturday, and Saturday is my Monday. Weird. I know but it’s a hairdresser’s schedule. Sometimes I wish I could change it but Saturday is the busiest day for hair. Everybody wants to be beautiful for Saturday night partying and Sunday morning pew sitting.

Occasionally, I’ll ask for a Saturday or a Sunday off to attend writing seminars but that’s it. There’s nothing leisure about my weekends so I hold my breath and go with the flow. Really, I’d rather be writing. Editing Secondhand Shoes. Writing and plotting The Boy Next Door. Working on my blog or, creating another one. Trying to finish an article on the economy for a magazine. Need to write my brother’s will. Need to write a resume for a friend that I didn’t even agree to do-she just handed me this envelope on Friday. “Here you go,” she said, “Since you write, you can write my husband’s resume".

Really? Yup. Really. Like I don’t have enough to do.

Today on my day off, the schedule looks like this:

Get out of bed at five A.M. but didn’t. It’s raining outside so I got up at seven.

Walk the dogs in the rain so Sir Poops-A-Lot doesn’t leave warm and wet welcomes upstairs.

Make myself a cup of tea, toast, and some cantaloupe.

Check blog comments, Facebook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Community Writer’s Digest, and Florida Writer’s Network.

Steal a few minutes in my potty room to read a zombie anthology from “Hungry For Your Love”.

Snag a kiss from my hubby before he walks out the door for the day.

Write my blog. Doing that now at eight thirty-seven A.M. Boy! I’m already behind.

Do my twenty minute workout with Jillian Michaels via DVD.

Get my shower. Probably scrub it while I’m in there.

Get dressed.

Eat something.

Work on chapter fourteen to “The Boy Next Door”.

Scrub down my kitchen.

Edit someone else's chapter.

Scrub the downstairs bathroom.

Take my daughter to the doctor at four today.

Put together a questionnaire for my brother about his will.

Make dinner.

Clean up.

Write some more.

In between all this ‘To Do Stuff’ take Sir Poops-A-Lot out as many times as I can.

Overwhelmed yet? I am. What do your schedule’s look like? Are you overwhelmed with your “To Do List”?

Happy blogging, reading, and writing!!!



  1. Wow, yep sounds like my day every day. I have a Sir Poops a lot too, and worse, I think he has ADHD. We go outside. He has to pee. He sees a rabbit then forgets he has to pee. We go inside. He remembers he has to pee. We go back outside. He sees the cat. We go inside. This goes on and on in between the cleaning, the cooking, the bathing myself, the kids, everything. Oh, now look, gotta go, he has to go outside to forget what he was there for. Good luck with your day:)

  2. @ TC: LOL...It's tough being us.

    @Sogyel: Sometimes I think so, too. But it all manges to get done.

  3. I think we're on the same wave length again. Too much to do, too little time.

  4. @ Eve:

    I'm having heart palpatations about now.

  5. Glad to see some writing/editing for yourself in there! Doesn't feel like it's a day off though. lol

  6. don't even get me started about what a day 'in the life of' is like for me! I hear ya when it comes to all the mundane and inconsequential things that add up and make your life zip by. But at least the faster it goes, the sooner I'll be done my WIP and the sooner summer will be here again...right?

    I'm glad you at least got some 'you' time in there, even if it was reading in the 'throne room' and a warm shower while scrubbing it out!

  7. @ Jen: A woman's day off is never really a day off no matter how you shake it up.

    @Nathalie: Yup. Another summer is longing to get a hold of us. I feel it staring at me waiting to run my make-up off my face and make hair stick to my head.


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