Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for Kit-Kat Bars, Kool-Aide, and Keebler's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here’s another Contessa and Arthur tease. Enjoy!

Arthur and I drove around for what seemed like an eternity before we came upon a Circle-K. Where ever he and his monster friends took me and my friends to was hidden well in a thick forest, veiled by the dark of night. There’s no way I would ever be able to point it out to any police by day light.

“We’ll stop here,” he said. The Hummer slowed, turning into the convenience store’s parking lot. “Dove chocolates for my Tessie.”

“And, fudge. Kit-Kats. Kool-Aid. Ben and Jerry’s Fudge Brownie ice cream. And, Godiva’s Unconditional Chocolate ice cream,” I said. “Some Keebler’s chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk. That should keep me for a week. If you’re going to be turning me into a vampire soon, I know I’m going to be stress eating.”

He parked the vehicle in front of the store. “You can’t have a diet of junk before I turn you.”

“Why not?”

“You’re going to need your strength. Besides, you won’t be eating any of that stuff after you turn.”

I frowned. “How come?”

“Vampires live off a steady diet of blood and raw meat,” he said matter-of-fact-like.

“Uhg. That doesn’t sound appetizing at all.” My stomach turned. The thought washed nausea over me.

“You need seven days to eat clean foods. No processed junk. No sugar. No caffeine. Not to mention, you’ll need to get at least twelve hours of sleep a day. I’ll need you to be well nourished and rested.” He took my hand in his, looking ahead into the wide store window.

“Oh…okay then. Well…can I have the next seven days to feast on junk and another seven to eat right?”

His other hand tapped at the steering wheel. “I’ll think about it.”

“It’ll give me time to go see my family. It’s not like I’ll be visiting them after I change, you know. Especially since I’ll be someone who’ll want to feast on them. Couldn’t do that to my family. And surely, I wouldn’t want to suck my brother’s gnarly neck. He doesn’t wash behind his ears. And, he’s got festering zits, too.” My imagination stuck a picture of my brother in my mind’s center. It made me shudder.

Arthur belly laughed.

“And I want a diamond,” I said. “If I’m going to be yours forever…I’m just saying.”

“Of course, Tessie.” His soft but cold hand traveled up my arm gently, sending pleasure shocks all over my body. It rested on my shoulder. Butterflies fluttered in the pit of my stomach. His hand massaged its way behind my neck.



“You’re driving me crazy. If you keep it up I might let you turn me here in the Circle-K parking lot.” I spoke the truth but at the same time guilt tugged at me. How could I want this? He made a deal with other monsters to eat my friends so he could get to me. Romantic? Insane? What the hell is wrong with me?

Within seconds his lips nuzzled my neck, and the hand kneading the back of my neck, made its way into my hair. Cold breath brushed hot against my skin, making my heart thumpthumpthump. His other hand trailed down to my thigh and slithered back up to my hip, moving to my waist, moving up an up, tracing the underneath part of my right breast. His wet lips spread open across my neck. Something pricked my neck below my earlobe. The sensation caused pleasure from head to toe. I trembled and moaned.

“Seriously,” I said, pushing him away. “I need a a Kit-Kat. Now!”

To Be Continued…


  1. Wowzers! Are you going to give us another installment? Or do we need to wait to buy the book? :-)

  2. @ Debra: Thank you.

    @Laura: Well...I don't know. I'm fart writing as I go. However, I do believe this will be a Novella series. After this challenge, I'll take what I have and run it through my critique group. Glad you like it.

  3. You keep me hanging on the edge of my seat... and laughing. I'm glad you're doing the challenge this way, it's refreshing.

    I’m A-Z Blogging on Langley Writes about Writing and Langley’s Rich and Random Life

  4. I agree with Langley. The way you're doing the challenge is refreshing, as well as imaginative and creative.

    I hope you carry through to Z.

    MM the Queen of English

  5. Eternal life and no Kit Kats???? What kind of bargain is that???

  6. I think Arthur should check out a Chinese Walmart rather than waste his time with Circle-K.

  7. To Langley and MM Queen: Thank you for your kind comments.

    To Willaim: Yeah. That would suck. Totally.

    To Eve: A Chinese Wal Mart would have raw meat for Arhtur and Kit-Kats for Contessa. A nice compromise.

  8. This is the second post in a row where yummy stuff was mentioned - now I'm hungry.

    So I'm with William - that would be a hard choice. :)

  9. Kimberly:

    Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I freaking love this-and your story is much needed. Vampires are overdone but you just added a whole different spin to it. Which is why you rock as a writer. I so wanna read this next installment.

    Russo @

  11. Love what you are doing on the challenge. Funny, a different and more creative take. I will be back.

  12. Russo: Glad you liked it. I'm writing this as I go. Mondays and Wednesdays I post on Contessa and Arthur. When the challenge is over I'll see what I've come up with and take what I have to my crit group and piece together a Novella Series. That's the plan. This challeng is kick arse, though.

  13. Jeanne: Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.


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