Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is for X Marks the Spot

This morning I’m pressed for time. I’ve got to be to work early. Working til 7 PM. Yikes! I know I still have more Versatile Blog Awards to give away but there’s no real time this morning for that. Sorry guys. But, I’ll tell you another secret and share with you some blogs I’ve been following that mark my X spot.

Okay. Secret first.


5. I had a horrible fear of starving and living on the park bench. Actually, I still do.The thought of being homeless terrifies me. That’s why I keep the day job. Of course, the plan is to have at least three books published and selling well before I either go part-time or quit the day job altogether. We will see.

6. I love hummus on just about everything but it gives me the farts. In fact, Sweetman is great at ripping more than one a day. They are loud and not necessarily smelly. Mine on the other hand, silent and noxious. I take charcoal pills when working to spare my clients’ lives. Don’t need anyone keeling over in my chair from some invisible explosion and gas cloud.

Okay. Onto the next point of this blog.

I wanted to tell these bloggers thank you. I consider them my friends. And, they’ve been a great encouraging force since I began blogging like a maniac. They even put up with sentences that don’t make any sense at times. I know they’re there (my crazy sentences). Most times, I don’t see my mistakes until after the fact but my blog buddies never say a thing. They put up with my imperfections.

Here they are:

You guys hit my X spot. Each one has a unique voice. Each one has a special ability to make me laugh. You guys ROCK! I ‘m lucky to know you.

AND, I’m so glad to meet all the bloggers through A-Z Challenge. You’ve all got that rock-ability thing going on too.

That’s all for now folks!

Gotta run!

I’ve got head loppings to do today. I mean hair loppings.

Happy blogging, reading, and writing!


PS Help save a library today! 


  1. Shelly, Thanks for tootin'... you always make me smile too. I almost forgot- I still need a bang trim- Oh, and I think I'm going to call you Miss TMI.
    You are very sweet and I enjoy reading your blog everyday. In fact, when you become famous, after your three books are published, I hope you still have a blog.

  2. We love you, too, Shelly! You go, girl!

    Head loppings would be more fun....

  3. Awesome! I'm so checking out those blogs!

  4. Shelly...I have a question...this may sound dumb, but like I said before, I'm a techno-tard! I'm trying to give out these awards and I can't seem to find peoples proper know what I mean? I can find the names of their blogs, but how do you get the addresses? Can you help me? I did find yours, I think I got it from your profile, but I can't seem to find anyone else''s frustrating to not know what you're doing! Thanks..and I love this post btw! I have a fear of being homeless too!

  5. Hello my name is Eve and I am not a techno-tard. I think it is funny that you cannot find the address in the address bar at the top of the page. Please be sensitive to the fact that some of our reputations are at stake and since our names are the same, I am trying to help.

  6. Shelly,
    Keep pushing on those books so you can quit pulling on those locks.

    Also, I'll be posting my awards on Monday and paying it forward in May. Again, thank you so much.


  7. @ Eve @ DR: Thank you soo much. TMI. Does that mean TOO MUCH INFORMATION?

    @Norma: Thank you. I realy do enjoy your blog.

    @Jolene: I'm sure you'll love them.

    @ Eve No.:2: From one techno-tard to another, I believe you'd find it in the address bar above.

    @Lucy: I'm working on it. Thank you for stopping by.

  8. Hey again..the only address up there is mine...actually, it's not even my blog address, it's my email...hmm...thanks anyways Shelly, I'll figure this out! It can't be that hard!

  9. Thank you, Shelly!!! Your stories about Arthur and Contessa are the bomb and I love SPAL too! You rock!!!

  10. @ EveNo.:2: Told you I was a techno-tard, too. Sorry.

    @ Beth: Thank you. The pen has been flowing out Contessa and Arhtur dialogue.

    @Charmaine: Enjoy.

  11. PS: head loppings would do just fine, too...


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