Friday, April 29, 2011

Z is for Zaney

Yup. I'm posting my Z blog the day before its due. One, that darned virus won't release my other computer (I took out my SD card...had to..shutting it down didn't work this morning). Two, Sweetman refuses to call our computer guy because he's twenty-something and it's Friday night. Three,I have no access to my Blog Writer. Four, no access to my pictures. Five, no access to my e-mail. OMG! What did I do to the CYBER-GODS to deserve this?

I mean, I'm at the finish line with the A-Z Challenge and this happens. This thing is ZANEY!Really.

I thought I was ZANEY when I signed up for the challenge. Thought it ZANEY I could come up with stuff literally off the cuff but I am a self-proclaimed fart writer.

I'm so glad to have met so many awsome and talented writers. I'm so glad I met two new characters, Contessa and Arthur. Will Contessa's chocolate stress eating keep Arthur from turning her into a vampire? The Novella will be coming. When? Um....soon...I hope. I've been writing dialogue between the two. I'm surprised I haven't ran out of ink or tablets yet. It's ZANEY how a writers brain works.

So this week I go back to my usual schedule. Three or four blogs a week. It all depends on my work schedule. Plus, my edits and rewrites to Secondhand Shoes. It's ZANEY how we writers juggle our lives around demanding work schedules and households.

Anywho, I'm glad to see so many serious writers and how we all handled this challenge. ZANEY. Right?

Okay. That's all for now folks!

Happy blogging, writing, and reading!


PS Save a library!

PSS I'm looking forward to visiting everyones' blogs.


  1. hehe great Z post. The challenge has been fantastic!

  2. Lynda: I'm looking forward to reading more of your blogs. I really enjoyed your piece on cursing in YA novels the other day.

  3. Shelly, when I had this virus, my hubby downloaded Malwarebyte Anti-malware (or something like that) was better than my anti-virus program I already had. Try that one. And, you know how I feel about Arthur and
    Contessa...can't wait to read them...You've done a great A-Z challenge, finishing it proudly!

  4. Congratulations on finishing the A-Z challenge.
    I enjoyed all of it.

  5. Beth: Thank you for that Maloware info. Also, thanks for the encouragement.

    Eve: Thank you sooo much.

    You and Beth are great!

  6. z all you can z... it's over and we all made it!
    A to Z Blog Challenge Participant
    Jeremy [iZombie]

  7. Hope you get those zaney (and annoying) computer bugs worked out!
    Glad I found you and am anxious to read more!

  8. Shelly, I feel your pain. My laptop started crashing so I thought I would fix it myself. Big mistake! Now the computer tech has an even bigger mess to I'm stuck on the desktop. Maybe it will force me to work on my novel?

  9. I know the feeling !! I'm absolutely livid and frustrated ~ I don't have access to my blog because there's a problem with the server and the hosting company seem to be taking ages to sort it out ! And it had to happen at the end of the A~Z Challenge ... I only had 3 posts left ...
    But hey , I suppose these things happen ...
    Congrats Shelley ! You've reached the finish line !


  10. Shelly, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

  11. Shelly, you deserve special kudos just for surviving this!

  12. Hello Everyone:

    Thank you for visiting today and for all your support at and encouagement. Elizabeth thank you for the award I'll be by in a little bit to pick it up.

    Update on the computer virus, Sweetman called our computer guy today and left to messages for a call back. We've yet to hear anything. OMG.

  13. Quite an awesome feat to have finished A to Z despite your computer problems. Congratulations on a job well done. I thought I was already following--I am now.

    Great blogs you have listed here. I'll bet you are one of very few who managed to visit every site. That is very incredible and you are to be commended for that amazing feat. Congratulations for making it to the end of the 2011 Challenge.

    Hope you'll join us for The A to Z Challenge Reflections Post on Monday May 2nd.


  14. Dear Arlee:

    Thank you for stopping by. The challenge was exhilierating. Literally. It was fun but I'm going to pass on the May Challenge. I've got edits to do and am pumping out Novella. Can't stop that flow.


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