Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is For “What the Bleep”

Aha! Got your attention, did I? Today I’ll be presenting awards again and telling you another secret about myself.

So onward with the awards….

The following are awarded The Versatile Blog Award:



I like these ladies, too. Some are educators. Some are already published. Most have wonderful senses of humor. They even like animals.

There are rules. Nothing in life is free but I’m sure you knew that already.

Rule 1: Thank and direct other bloggers to the person who gave it to you.

Rule 2: Tell some secrets about yourself. Seven or ten. This one has me eye-brains crossing.

Rule 3: Award it to fifteen others.

Now for another secret about me. It will be secret number four and maybe more.

I absolutely hated high school. It was definitely not the best time of life. People lie when they tell you this.

For one, I was fat, shy, and insecure. The other reason, I was bullied. Kids saluted me through the halls by pushing their middle fingers against their noses and snorting. Yup. I said/wrote snorting like pigs. My nickname in high school was Miss Piggy.

To make matters worse, I attended a Southern Baptist high school. The kids didn’t seem to understand the Bible verse about loving thy neighbor as them- selves. The worst thing they ever did to me was take my uniform and shoes one day while in the gym shower. When I got out, I found them in the toilet. Several girls had peed on them and someone finished it off with a bowel movement. I sat in the locker room for three hours wrapped in a towel waiting for my mother to bring me a change of clothes. Poor mom had issues as well. But I won’t go there now.

I’m glad I never resorted to killing myself. Never thought of it. I always told myself that one day they’d be repaid some how. They have. One’s in jail for life. One’s a hooker. Several are addicted to drugs and have horrible lives. And, a lot of them know what it’s like to be FAT. Need I say more.

If I could tell a teen how to handle their oppressors, I would advise animal crackers, a gallon of your favorite ice cream, gummy bears, a pen, and a tablet (Journal, journal, journal). They were my best buds through high school until I learned how to work out and eat right (the sweets that is). And, have a mantra. Mine was “you’ll reap what you sow” and “this too shall pass.”

Also, laugh with the idiots. Take nothing seriously or personally. If anything, bullies see strength in someone they torment. Their more afraid of you than you are of them. They are more insecure with themselves than you could possibly know.  That’s why they do what they do. Quite frankly, their pretty down right pathetic.

Everyone's life is precious. I find it sad that the kid who was bullied into suicide had something great to offer the world and we’ll never see his/her light shine.

Once at a conference, I heard a group of writers say, “Look who rules the world, NERDS and GEEKS.” 

Okay. I’m done now with that fact. Onto the next award.



Before I go further handing this one out, I Googled the word. I found the Liebster Blog Award was created to bring recognition exposure to the small blogs who have less than 300 followers. The diddy said to hand it out to three but I know I’m going to give out more. Poohie on the rules.

I award the Liebster Blog Award to the following:


Congrats fellow bloggers!

That’s all for now folks!

Happy blogging, writing, and reading!


PS Remember to save a library!


  1. Wow Shelly! I'm glad I didn't pay much attention in high school. I was too busy ignoring everyone to care. Lol love your mantras. I truly believe people will get what they deserve eventually.

  2. Wow is right! But bullying is a definite problem in this country. Bullie grow up and go into the work place. Anyway, its hard being a teen but I got through it. It's sad when many don't.

  3. Of course, after I publish this darn thing I see that the one of the URLs is wrong.

  4. Oh my goodness, I am so upset about those meanies in your school! It reminded me of some of the meanies I went to school with. What goes around...

  5. Hey Shelly! Thanks so much for the awards! That's wonderful..I really appreciate that, thanks again!
    As for your high school days...I am astounded at the cruelty displayed by some kids! The things you went through are absolutley horrific and the fact that you made it through that just shows what a strong person you are! I'm happy to hear that life handed out such harsh punishments to these heartless bullies..they sure did reap what they sowed! Good on you for keeping your head up and having a good life! Thanks again for the awards and keep well!

  6. Both Eves on the same wavelength. Cool. Eve, your welcome. Your blog is great. To my DR Eve, your terribly sweet as always. And yes, bullies are terrible and they never grow out of it and they never really go away. One is always replaced by another.

  7. Wow - what horrible people you had to deal with. But what comes around goes around. I bet you the lot of them have turned out to be losers - those type always do! I didn't like school that much, either. poeple tried to bully me but I always told the teacher. They had to straighten up and fly right after that.

  8. Those evil teenage girls! I'm glad you survived. And you're right, what comes around goes around.

  9. Shelly, thank you so much for awarding me as a versatile blogger! You made my day! :) I had LOTS of not-so-happy high school experiences too. Actually, my "stuff" started in sixth grade. By high school I figured out how to escape. You are a beautiful, powerful woman and I am honored to call you a blogging friend. :)

    Reflections on Writing

  10. Congratulations on your awards! And congrats to the other winners as well.:)

  11. Congrats on your awards and thanks for sharing your experiences on being a victim of bullying . Some of your stories were really horrendous ... and you're so right in saying that we need to learn not to take things too seriously/personally . Learning to laugh at yourself is also a liberating feeling and it takes the power away from the person trying to torment you .


  12. Shelly, you get the last laugh--you grew up to be a terrific woman. I can only imagine how THEY ended up. What goes around really does come around....

  13. Shelly,
    Thank you so much for the blog awards. There is nothing better than being recognised by one's peers.


    (Now to get started thinking up some secrets I haven't told everyone yet.)

  14. Oh my gosh! That's aweful,Shelly. I'm always worried my kids will get bullied as they get older.
    Well, you're a hottie now! And talented.

  15. Wow! Just stopping by for the first time and am so touched by your honest story of high school. Love the blog awards you're giving out too! Cheers!

  16. I will never grasp one's ability to be so cruel. No one should have to endure that. You turned out to be a wonderful person and you bring happiness to others through your writing!

  17. I'm with Laura above, I don't understand what's wrong with people. It really bothers me when I hear about kids who take the suicide route. If they'd teach kids regularly (and I mean burn it into their brains from a young age) how bullies are really showing insecurity by doing this, I think it would help because if every kid learns and understands that's what it's all about, I think bullying would happen less often.

    I like your mantra's - they're very good!

  18. Hello everyone:

    I just got home from a day of hair lopping. Thank you all for stopping by and for all the kind comments.

    With regards to our own children and could happen. Two of my daughters were bullied but they learned how to handle it w/o violence or being a tattle tail. There was one time I had to go to the principal b/c they get violent today. My girls have changes a lot in twenty years.

    Everyone have a great night's sleep and I'm glad to have you all for blogger friend's.


  19. School can be so hard. For me I went through it but the harder part is watching my kids go through it. I just have to encourage and support them.

  20. Josh:

    This is true. All we can do is support our kids.

  21. Shelly, my mantra has also been "This too shall pass." I agree with you -- people who say that high school was the best time in their lives are lying, or maybe they don't have much of a life now.

    Now you can look back and stick your tongue out at the bullies because you have made for yourself a life worth living.

    MM the Queen of English

  22. @ Queen: That's right. :)

  23. "Now you can look back and stick your tongue out at the bullies because you have made for yourself a life worth living."

    Whereas they ended up becoming the miserable idiots they deserved to be. Revenge can be sweet, can't it?


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